Microsystems  Acupuncture

MISSION STATEMENT - Overall purposes

The primary purposes of the Microsystems Acupuncture Regulatory Working Group are:

  • To prepare the Microsystems acupuncture profession for voluntary self-regulation, and the creation of a single register and regulator.
  • To encourage and facilitate communication within the Microsystems acupuncture and wider acupuncture profession and community
  • To support and co-ordinate the variety of Microsystems acupuncture professions as they prepare for voluntary regulation.
  • To liaise with the Princes Foundation for Integrated Health, The Acupuncture Stakeholders Group, The Department of Health, and other major stakeholders.
  • To facilitate and participate in the maintenance and development of educational standards after voluntary regulation.
  • To monitor and review standards of safe practice in the Microsystems acupuncture profession and community.
  • To facilitate and participate in the development and encouragement of diverse approaches to Continuing Professional Development within the Microsystems acupuncture profession both before and after the advent of voluntary regulation.


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