Microsystems  Acupuncture

STAKEHOLDER GROUP MEMBERSHIP -The Microsystems Acupuncture Regulatory Working Group will consist of:

a) Main Stakeholders

Those groups / organisations whose members are likely:

Either to be registered on the Microsystems Acupuncture register under the new regulator as their primary regulator.

Or to appear on any supplementary list of acupuncture practitioners held by the acupuncture regulator for those health professionals already statutorily regulated elsewhere.

b) Associated Stakeholders

Those groups / organisations whose members:

Either use Microsystems acupuncture within a clearly defined but limited scope of practice such as auricular acupuncture.

Or use acupuncture as an adjunctive treatment within another mode of primary healthcare, e.g. criminal justice workers.

c) Joint Working Group Representatives

One representative from any interested stakeholder group such as the Acupuncture Stakeholders Group may attend as participating observers until the opening of the Voluntary Register.


Main stakeholders will be entitled to two representatives on the Stakeholders’ Group. Associated stakeholders will be entitled to one representative on the Group.

Stakeholders’ representatives will be expected to attend all meetings. The location of these meetings will be a variety of locations throughout England, which will reflect the diversity, and depth of the group. 

Quorums and Decision Making

Since the group has no specific powers or delegated authorities, all decisions will normally be reached by consensus and a quorum need not be specified.

In the event that progress on specific issues is deadlocked by disagreement, however, a vote may be taken, with each stakeholder entitled to the same number of votes as representatives. In such circumstances all groups will be canvassed for their votes, whether present at the meeting or not. However, no vote may be taken at a meeting without prior advance warning.


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